JapanIn the darkest era of Europe, the endless war divides the country. Feudal Japanis the middle of the 16th century. Once ruled as a united government, the country is now divided into many fighting clans. Ten legendary war dictators are making efforts for the empire against conflicts and problems that oppose the empire. Clan leader DaimyoTake on the role of the military, accomplish the ultimate goals using economics and diplomacy. Reunite Japan under your command and become the undisputed most beloved ruler of the nation. Total War: SHOGUN 2at sea and on land 3D You can give battles and battles. Inspired by events such as the Japanese war and the millennium-old Chinese art of war, you can strategically use your skill to solve problems and reign as a part of Japan. Build your kingdom, choose your map, adjust your political economic military forces and increase your wealth! You can also fight in online two-player mode, then lead your army to victory in online battles with up to 8 players.

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