Squad Steam Key Global

Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter aiming to capture communication reality and communication reality and war realism, emphasizing both strong squad integration mechanics and larger scale coordination, tactics and planning. It features player-created soles that create a heartbeat, visceral gaming experience blended with large open maps, vehicle-based combined weapon play and real-world firefighting organized second squad planning.

Squad is a realistic, demanding, staff-based first-person shooter that focuses on communication and coordination between separate units. Kill enemies, complete your targets, become a good soldier.


* Various weapon categories – assault rifle, submachine gun, shotgun and more. More than 40 different weapons to choose from to install

* Various game modes – attack, defense and capture. Each game mode offers a new battle scenario and new tactics to deal with it

* Tools – Don't you want to go on foot? Jump to a helicopter that your squad leader wants from the headquarters

* Deep tactical gameplay – As a team leader, you can coordinate with other SLs to organize two-way attacks and other maneuvers.

* Fun and realistic – The squad emphasizes the perfect balance between the immediate rewards of popular shooters and the depth of military simulators.

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