This product is brand new and unused GOD EATING 3 CD Key for Steam.


The Rise of Desolation Above the World

The latest entry in the highly popular God Eater action series is here!
• Battle in Style with Brand New God Belts!
Expand your melee weapon with the two-arm God Arc “Biting Edge” and the two-handed moon ax Ağır Heavy Moon ya or fight remotely with the new Ray Ray Ray “God Arc!
• New Abilities for Refreshing Battles!
Ground, Air and Step attacks turn into powerful techniques with Burst Arts, and the new Dive dash attack gives you complete freedom to roam and hunt Aragami!
• Scary New Threats: Ash Aragami and Devour Attacks!
Dangerous new enemies can use Ash Aragami Devours Attacks and increase their power exponentially by entering Burst Mode! These enemies don’t have to be ignored and require you to take your weapon and your game to the next level!

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