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Release Year 25 Jul 2019


Elea is a surreal science fiction adventure game in which you play as space scientist Elea. In 2073, a terrible child disease takes over the Earth, and Elea’s husband, Ethan, embarks on an expedition to colonize Solace, a habitable planet outside the solar system, to save humanity from extinction. The interstellar ship, Pilgrimage, is no longer heard from the planet Solace. Thirteen years later, Elea joins a rescue mission to investigate what has happened to the reconnaissance team. Now an extraordinary journey through space awaits him.

Solve a rich and poignant story inspired by the books of classical science fiction writers
Immerse yourself in great graphics supported by Unreal Engine 4
Explore beautiful space environments, spectacular views and detailed interiors
Expect the unexpected on this mysterious journey through outer space

1 Player
4 GB minimum required
DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function
Remote Play Support
HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

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