This product is brand new and unused Theology: Original Sin 2 CD Key for Steam

About Theology: Original Sin 2:

In a world where the gods die, you play a forbidden magic trick quarantined in Fort Joy’s prison colony. The Wizards of the Divine Order want your powers to “heal sizi you. But the Order has its own secrets. Secrets threatening everyone. If the world remains without a god, chaos will prevail. It’s time for a new Theology.

Choose your story of race and origin and see how the world reacts differently. Gather your party and blast your opponents in deep tactical turn-based fights with different tactics. Explore the vast and layered world of Rivellon, alone or up to 4 players, in the release / release cooperative game.

Theology: Original Sin 2 is an entirely new experience built on the next generation Divinity Engine with a new UI with a new generation of art style and advanced role playing systems. Everything that makes great turns: Go wherever you want, kill someone, solve problems and find endless ways to collect your ultimate RPG party.

Key Features

  • Choose your story of origin. Choose one of the original origin stories that will define your character’s background and your personal tasks. For the first time in a Theology game, play as a Human, Lizard, Elf, Dwarf or Undead, each with their own racial skills. See the world and its inhabitants, who you are and what you are doing, unlocking new dialogue options and task lines. Or start your character from scratch and create your own story.
  • More freedom than ever. Go anywhere, talk to anyone, interact with everything and become whoever you want. You can kill any NPC in the game, destroy objects and use the game’s extensive RPG systems to your advantage. Talk to animals and spirits for valuable information. Explore the gigantic open world to find hours of hidden content, including all new areas.
  • New basic interactions make turn-based combat even better. Combine elements such as fire and poison for explosive combinations. Bless and Damn surfaces to completely change properties. Develop new skills and take advantage.
  • A darker and deeper story. Theology: Original Sin 2 has a darker and more eloquent narrative than its award-winning predecessor, developing Larian’s distinctive tone. This goddess is a hidden world. The gap is approaching. And desperate times require desperate measures …
  • Play up to 4 players: No other RPG collaborates with 4 people like Divinity: Original Sin 2 does. Your Stories of Origin will give you different and often conflicting goals. Will you cooperate or compete? Totally up to you.
  • Test your skills in the new PvP Arena Mode. Challenge your friends in fast and satisfying turn-based combat sessions. Join the battle in a special multiplayer Arenas filled with explosives, looting and deadly traps.
  • New technology. Powered by Divinity Engine 3.0, the game features physics-based rendering, fabric physics, and a new dynamic music system. Divinity: makes Original Sin 2 the most atmospheric Divinity game ever.

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