Dirt Showdown Steam CD Switch

Race, crash and hoon through the motor turmoil world tour in DiRT Showdown! In this turbo-injected delirium shot, the crowd atmosphere, social gaming and accessibility are all increasing. Break up the acceleration and gain adulation of the mad crowd in over-energized events in iconic locations. Cheat, speed and smash the road to victory, then do it again.

Use empowerment to explode your opponents in races, free your inner hoonigan in great free-style, free-roaming street parks, and see the game's most advanced damage engine pushing your limits to devastating devastating derby events.


– Experience a new world in the fully effective, unlimited hurdles action sports race

– Tapping metal to metal in iconic locations – from Miami to London, San Francisco to Tokyo and others

– Wow to crowds at unauthorized, over-energy events with a festive atmosphere.

– Demolition Derby themed events, working with the most advanced damage model of the race, reach the highest level in organized automotive chaos

– Trade nitro paint in high octane racing events full of hurdles and ramps

– Show off your skills in the free-roaming freestyle arena prepared for automotive tricks and stunts

– & # 39; Showdown & # 39; Compete with your friends to reach the finals.

– Dive and drive with accessible, collect and play controls

Prove yourself in front of thousands of cheering fans under the lights day or night – rain, sun, fog and snow – in all circumstances

– Multiplayer overload – for 8 player online races, split screen games and 10 different event types

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