Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will take players on a World Tour of adrenaline-induced extreme terrain events in stunning real-world locations. Events include an exciting rally cross at the Los Angeles sports stadium “Stadium King Shootout,, canyon racing under Utah’s“ Creek Trailblazer, event, “Rawang Rally Run” on the treacherous Malaysian rain forest tracks and ”Battersea War Savaş. night racing at the iconic London electric station. Colin McRae: Based on DiRT’s technical and gaming criteria and borrowing from the snowboard and skateboard lifestyle and culture, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will add full online multiplayer functionality to expand the gaming experience and build a successful community.

A wide range of racing styles and formats
– Each race includes 12 individual style cars with intense solo races and frantic multi-car events.
– More than 100 off-road racing events including rally, rallycross, raid and trailblazer
– Players are no longer limited to traditional off-road activities;

Intense Real World Environments
– DiRT 2 has 9 different real worlds throughout the game to create a virtual DiRT World Tour with cultural styles and brands that will make each region unique
– Players will travel around the world in a caravan that will evolve aesthetically as players advance
– 120,000 viewers per runway to implement places

Award-winning Technology
– DiRT2 powered by the third generation of EGO Motor racing technology
– Improved driving physics and engine damage
– Twice as many cars and tracks as seen in GRID

Full Online Functionality
– Full online multiplayer support for all race types
– Includes head-to-head competitive online gaming and new social features to engage the racing community further
– Online tournaments and downloadable content allow the player to participate in the DiRT experience

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