Call of Duty One of the best games of the series ever World at War GameSales with you. Launched a year after the legendary success of Modern Warfare World at Wartakes the series to World War II.
There are 4 different modes in World at War, where we play two soldiers in the Second World War, one American and one Russian. There is a Campaign mode where you can play American and Russian soldiers, cooperative mode, multiplayer mode and a zombimod created for fun. the story Call of Duty Campaign that attracts even players who are not interested in. Erbaş Miller and Petrenko are fighting a relentless struggle on different fronts to end the war. World at War, which also includes important scenes of the Second World War, provides a very emotional and impressive experience in brutal conflicts, arduous sieges and unforgettable heroes. You can play the story with a friend in cooperative mode or you can also compete against each other. If you choose to play together, you can complete the tasks together and support each other. If you choose to compete against each other, you are playing on the same side. But you earn points from every enemy you kill and every mission you complete. At the end of the game, the winner with the most points wins.
The makers of Call of Duty 3, Treyarch, managed to get full points from everyone, Call of Duty: World at War, a game the players hearted for their mistakes. If you want to experience this challenging experience You can buy Call of Duty World at War game from our Sales Site on the fastest and most reliable way at the best price.

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